Previous Artists in Residence

Isaac Mann (USA)

April 2019

PLOP Residency - Isaac Mann.jpg

“I started my PLOP experience following a bit of a dry-spell and hoping that the change of scenery would shake me out of my slump. What I didn’t expect was how truly inspiring every aspect of the PLOP experience would be. Specifically, the other artists-in-residence were such high-caliber artists and high-caliber people. I didn’t expect I could build such strong bonds with people over such a short period of time, but we did, and I consider myself very lucky in this respect.”

Dan Fig (USA)

April 2019

Dan Fig PLOP Residency .jpg

“Think it's really important to get yourself out of the bubble you might not even realize you're in. The residency was a great shake up- being around other amazing artists and getting to know them and their perspectives on things helped keep me open and challenging myself in the studio. And coming from overseas it was great to get to know a part of the art world I wouldn't have found otherwise. Going to openings as a group and meeting other exciting artists together was a real highlight. Really glad to have met this crew and really got a lot out of it that I can bring back into the studio.”

Georgina Clapham (UK)

April 2019

Georgina Clapham - PLOP Residency.jpg

“Having a central London studio for a month from which to meet with artists, collectors and gallerists has been a fantastic opportunity. It was a pleasure to work alongside four talented artists including fellow painter Isaac Mann from NYC, with whom I shared practical knowledge and gained experiences in the London art scene.”

Rosie McGinn (UK)

April 2019

PLOP Residency - Rosie McGinn .jpg

“Having that space in central London was so invaluable, made a tonne of connections, worked alongside some amazing artists and had A LOT of fun in (and out of) the studio.”

Ferg Cooper (UK)

April 2019

Ferg Cooper PLOP.png

“PLOP was an amazing opportunity to work in close proximity with a group of international artists, with help and advice from Oli & Aindrea. There was tonnes of encouragement, loads of introductions, several late nights, brunch & dinner, arguments about Beyonce's best song, and also we found time to make some work...”

Kevin Umaña (USA)

August 2018

PLOP Residency - Kevin Umana .jpg

“I was motivated to apply for the residency by the urge for a new experience. What I’ve learned is that London’s art scene is quite different than New York. The characteristics of the city and art scene were something I wanted to explore. London and New York are so close and influential to each other and I thought it would be interesting to absorb and learn from the artists I admired abroad.”

Danni O’Brien (USA)

August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 23.07.16.png

“I was familiar with Millie Layton’s work and knew she had attended Oli’s very first residency. When I saw the Instagram announcement for a call for proposals for the month long residency in London I was ecstatic! London is a city I had never been to but always wanted to visit and the chance to have a free studio there for a month was a perfect opportunity to do just that while being able to focus on a new body of work.”

Brandon Lipchik (USA)

August 2018

PLOP Residency - Brandon Lipchik.jpg

“The end of residency show was a great experience because it gave us an opportunity to invite all the connections we made during our time in London to see our own work.”

Lucille Uhlrich (FRANCE)

JUly 2018

Plop Residency - Lucille Ulhrich .jpg

“During the tutorials Rosalind Davis really helped me to put words on my work, it was an emotional and important discussion for me and Danny amplified a doubt in me, which i am very interested in : "say yes to the canvas, why not?". I am still processing it.

Ant Hamlyn (UK)

JUly 2018

Plop Residency - Any Hamlyn.png

“Since the residency I won the Red Mansion Art Prize and I've been on the Red Gate residency in Beijing for the Month of September. I've got a show coming up on the Kings Road in Chelsea in November as well as a show with the Ingram Collection at the Cello Factory and Curious Duke Gallery in Shoreditch. I'm also planning my solo show at Lungley Gallery in 2019 as well as a show at the Royal Academy in March.”

Sam Drake (UK)

JUly 2018

Plop Resdiency - Sam Drake.png

“During the residency, I made several Oil paintings and Gouache Monotypes, experimenting with different surfaces to test modes of application. From this residency, I have produced work which bridged the gap between the 1st and 2nd year of my MFA at The Rhode Island School of Design. The work made at the Koppel Project has helped to inform and reflect on my current practice as I near completion of my masters.”

Nathaniel Faulkner (UK)

JUNE 2018

PLOP Residency - Nathaniel Faulkner.jpg

"I applied to the residency hoping to learn about what kind of studio I need and how best to move forward. Oli Epp, who set up the residency, was intimately involved with all of the artists on the residency and provided genuine care and support to everyone, he was a great help in my development as an artist and I would recommend the residency to anyone looking to expand their understanding of what it means to be an artist in London today."

Kévin Monot (FRANCE)

June 2018

PLOP Residency - Kevin Monot 2.jpg

“The residency was intensive and really interesting in terms of meeting new people. I got to know a lot of young and talented artists.”

Florence Hutchings (UK)

June 2018

1532426408_Hutchins Florence - Two Vases of Flowers on a Tray v2-1.jpg

“I would highly recommend taking part in this residency. Not only did it involve having a brilliant studio in a great part of London but it meant I got to meet and work alongside a number of great artists. This helped me to reinvent and refresh my work by also working in a completely different environment.”

Millie Layton (UK)

November 2017

Millie  Layton PLOP Residency .jpg

“The residency was a great chance for me to work on some more experimental sculptures and finishes without the pressure of anything having to be resolved for a show, so I could really push my work into new floppy dimensions which I’m still working on now at the Royal Academy.”