Lucille Uhlrich’s Story

What motivated you to apply?

I love Oli's work and I found his initiative really generous and outstanding


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Describe your works in a few sentence?

Describe your works in a few sentence?  My work is rebellious against systems, structures and formulas; it is adventuring through space, made up of ephemeral assemblages, of fragments, defeated materials, suspended, hung and taped into place. I work like I dream, performing slippage between shapes and words, painting in washes and cutting my lines all over again, continuously wondering how one thing can transform into another, how words are implied and what shapes stand for. My assemblages are elusive and indecipherable, as if codes were fading in them. This movement is linked to my native language which is a lost dialect.


What did you make during the residency?

I came with no materials and no idea in mind to start from scratch, like a version of an abstract move which would get determined by my adventure (of living in a foreign language, of being lost in every street). I bought some paper and paint and worked progressively with what I found on the streets. I kept on re-cutting my works. 

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What did you benefit the most from during the residency?


A cultural shock. Long story!

How was the studio space?

It was spacious with a nice view. It quickly turned into a big mess with a dead fan in the middle. "My mates" and I had so much to live and to share that we didn't care much about feng shui recommendations.

Sharing my some of my ideas and process during the ‘End of Residency Exhibition’

Sharing my some of my ideas and process during the ‘End of Residency Exhibition’

What about London culture did you love?


English art can be compared to their people, and they appear to me as islanders... which is to say marginals. Being french, I am very pleased by their open-mindedness,  their fun, and intrigued by their secretive emotions.


What was the highlight of your residency?

My everyday joy!

How was your tutorial with either Rosalind Davis or Danny Lamb?


Rosalind really helped me to put words on my work, it was an emotional and important discussion for me, and Danny amplified a doubt in me, which i am very interested in : "say yes to the canvas, why not?". I am still processing it.

My wonderful studio visit with Rosalind Davis

My wonderful studio visit with Rosalind Davis


Do you see yourself coming back to London in the future?


I do, indeed.

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We would love to hear what you are up to now/ what you have been up to since the residency.


I became part of the community at Unit One Gallery and Workshop where I will take part in a residency in spring and I also got close to the curator Kathy Morrisson in Manchester, we are planning a solo for 2019.

PLOP Residency Lucille Uhlrich